Почему Дети Танцуют?

R1-15-11--299Недавно в нашей студии был объявлен конкурс  лучшего сочинения на тему «Почему я люблю танцевать?» . Из нескольки десятков сочинений мы не смогли остановиться на каком то одном, а выбрали шесть самых лучших, отрывками  из которых мы хотим поделиться с вами! Такими  замечательными учениками можно только гордиться, так как они не только начинающие талантливые артисты, но и по настоящему творческие люди которые могут написать от всего сердца о том что они по настоящему любят!

Nika Ballet Studio благодарит всех участников и поздравляет победителей !!!

“My life is all about dancing…When I stepped in this studio I made an oath that I would never quit. From that day I never forgot my oath. I never forgot because it was my dream…It makes me feel so alive. Dancing is always just so fantastic. I always admired how the big girls dance. I always wanted to dance like them and from Anna’s lessons I know I will. My favorite move is doing a split in the air. I know it sounds and looks easy but its not. I learned it and it is the best thing I learned so far. I like dancing out in my school yard. It’s a lot of fun and I don’t care what other people think when I do this. Dancing is the best thing I ever learned and it always will be in my heart forever.”
Rebecca Ioffe, Age 10, “Why Do I Love to Dance”

“Dancing is my second nature.  Nika Ballet Studio is my second home. My teammates and teacher are my second family… dancing with my second family is a feeling like no other and the reason why I love to dance… I run toward Nika Ballet Studio, yearning not to miss a moment of the art I truly embrace! Dance, specifically ballet, flows through my veins and this is why my soul is not complete without dance.”
Gabrielle Medev, Age 12, “The Fire in My Heart”

“As I grew and danced more I realized that I enjoyed it because it inspired me. Dance inspires me because I feel happy when I dance because I always have enough energy to enjoy it. The best thing is that my dance teacher always supports me and never gives up on me…Dance is enjoyable because I get to see my friends and they help me by encouraging m to do better and work harder. I also love to dance because it allows me to express my feelings. When I am dancing I am allowed to bring my own personality to the move…I am able to express my feeelings by dancing freely. To me dancing freely means not only getting the move right but also putting my heart and myself into each move…I never want to give up… Dance is an art that speaks to me.”
Renee Fridson, Age 8, “My Ballet Report” 

“Dancing helps me express my feelings…Dancing helped me make nice friends that share my interests. We all want to be the best dancers that we can be. We help and correct each other during practice, spend time together outside of class and have a lot of fun. Dancing taught me how to listen, to use and appreciate music.  I also like to dance because of my teacher who challenges me to work harder and be better. She also teaches me to work with music, to speed up my dancing or slow down, and how to interpret the mood of the music. Every time I come to class, she is teaching me something new so I would become much stronger and better.”
Elia Gorelik, Age 7, “Why Do I Love to Dance?”

Dancing helps me develop grace and poise. It also helps me express my creativity. Ballet dancing is a challenging activity, it requires every day work and dedication. But, no matter how hard learning new movements may be at first, I enjoy every minute of my classes. I cannot but dance…”
Lilian Zakaryan, Age 7, “Why do I Love to Dance?”

“I love to dance because I like the way it makes me feel. I started dancing when I was very little and since then dancing became a big part of my life. Dancing helps me stay active and physically fit. It is the way I relax and connect with my inner self.  When I dance it makes me feel happy, energized and refreshed. There is no other hobby like it. It is my passion in life and I will always dance.”
Evialina Kikots, Age 15, “Why Do I Love to Dance?”